Where do we operate? In a word, Everywhere

Executive Communication is located in 2 main locations Europe and the USA. The primary location is in Athens, Greece and the second location is in New York, USA. with main facilities and the majority of the language and executive tutors in Greece.

With the assistance of modern information technology, many of our programs can be available anywhere in the world. We offer tutoring services no matter where a client is located due to our long-standing relationships with companies and contacts on both continents. Especially in the USA and Europe, we have retained a network of associates in many states as well as many countries of Eastern Europe. These associates can be mobilized from abroad, thus allowing Executive Communication to act as an agent to find tutors for people all over the world.

When a client has a very busy schedule and can benefit from increased flexibility in tutoring times or an executive that is in need of business coaching but isn't located near an Executive Communication center, Executive Communication can offer online internet sessions and seminars by the use of modern internet platforms that can be just as effective as being there in the flesh.