Without the ability to negotiate, one cannot survive in any kind of working environment. There is a special art to approaching colleagues in non-threatening ways, be it in personal or in group settings. When seeking to liaise between people, trying to reach a compromise or to speak to an inferior without seeming autocratic, these skills can be invaluable. Negotiation techniques are used when there is a discussion between two or more people with separate objectives for a common situation. In any market, and for any product or service, negotiating the deal is a crucial sales training skill. By learning how to negotiate, an executive is able to close more deals, make more profit and earn more money for himself and the firm. Learn how to negotiate and you will close more sales, make more profit, and earn more money. With the right training, negotiating will no longer seem like a cumbersome or fearsome chore; it will even be enjoyable as another step to the presentation and sales process.stock-footage-young-business-people-presenting-business-plan-to-banking-executives-for-consideration

Essentially, negotiation skill seminars can teach executives not only how to boost their sales and pitching technique, bu also how to deal with conflicts between people, when to press on and when to back off in a business concession, and how to diffuse pressure so that all parties involved are partially satisfied. The latter is essential for senior managers or executives of human resources and recruitment, who often have to deal with personality clashes or conflicts within a team of employees. Negotiation seminars teach how to start the negotiation, how to view every negotiation as a sales process, when to emphasize the benefits of one viewpoint as opposed to the other, how to present problems both on a superficial external level and on an internal level for the other party. For sales negotiation it is extremely important to add specific techniques: in an important business deal negotiation, one must know when to lower the price, build on the product's value, and, crucially, to know when to stop offering.

Negotiation skills are useful for every level of business employee, from the most basic sales executive to a high-caliber CEO from a bigger company. Executive Communication has the tutors and services to cater to the entire entrepreneurial spectum. As with all of ExeCom's Business Seminars, seminars can be provided in one-to-one sessions or in group classes. Training is provided on site in Athens, Greece, or online for people who live in other parts of the world.