The all-important, but often elusive, ability of scheduling one’s time continues to evade even some of the most talented people. Otherwise well-meaning employees might suffer from sub-par work performance, which can be traced down to ineffective time management. Apart from the obvious advantages to the individual, which include improved professional relationships and increased recognition for personal productivity levels,  effective time management has the power to dramatically benefit the corporation as a whole. For the company, increasing an employee's or a team's time management can mean increased employee individual productivity, accountability and commitment. Along with timely project completion, there will be more effective communication and co-ordination within the organization. With less negative organizational stress and noticeably impoved teamwork, better communication and morale, comes improved customer satisfaction and easy retention of valuable employees.stress-300x200


Executive Communication can offer analyses of companies and provide tailor-made time management seminars. These sessions will noticeably help companies and individuals alike to identify barriers to productivity, identification of redundant or procrastinating tasks, benchmark their best practices and generally improve their processes. The seminars can be attended by senior or junior executives, or even college students and members from academia. After the workshops, which can be organized on a personal or group basis, participants will be able to identify time wasters and generate ways to overcome them, set SMART goals and plan effectively, prioritize tasks, delegate to others, manage appointments and master the art of reducting personal stress.


Although often the most neglected of business skills, time and stress management may very well be the most important of virtues for an executive to acquire. As with all of ExeCom's Business Seminars, workshops on Time Management can be provided on site in Athens, Greece, or online for people who live in other parts of the world.