Everything from Telemarketing skills to face-to-face product pitching qualifies as a sale technique. Trying the hard-sale method can be fatal in the wrong context – and vice versa. Having the skills is not enough: what is important is the knowledge of when and where to employ them. Powerful sales-people know the integral importance of building personal relationships of trust with clients. Through repeated practice and live-training in business simulations, ExeCom can help install and cultivate the cornerstones of effectanalytics-presentationive Sales Technique.

Sales Seminars introduce techniques both for those new to selling and those more experienced. Knowing the skills is hardly enough when one does not have the tools to put knowledge to action. Effective sales technique can be priceless for small businesses, as well as self-employed people who are trying to market their own goods and services. Even for those who are not sales-people par excellence, knowing the basics of selling technique can make the difference between botching up a crucial pitch and gaining a new client.

 For Business Seminars centered on sales, Executive Communication teaches the selling processes in all its stages: from the first introduction to the buyer, all the way to the closing of the sale. There are certain specific skills needed in sales, such as questioning technique, sales presentation skills, emotional and impulse sales closing techniques, the art of overcoming objections, retail sales training, sales negotiation training and much, much more. Such training sessions can be arranged one-on-one of for entire executive sales teams. Sales training can even incorporate elements of Team Building and Executive Coaching. As with all of ExeCom's Business Seminars, Effective Sales Techinique is provided on site in Athens, Greece, or online for people who live in other parts of the world.