The company has been set up by a team of Specialists with a modern Business Awareness gained from an experience of over 15 years in the International Business and Language Training industry. The members of Executive Communication have been trusted by many of the top ranked Multinational Corporations in the USA and Europe to design and execute tailor made Language Courses, Business Seminars, Translations as well as other unique services.


Our Training team consists of people with experience in various fields of Business and Language Training. They are specially selected according to strict criteria for their Academic and Business backgrounds and expertise. But more importantly they are chosen on their character, dedication and their ability to deliver results. Based on years of teaching executives in groups and individual lessons, Executive Communication has developed a unique methodology, which assures that the effectiveness of the learning experience is maximized. This methodology detailed below illustrates the basis on the experience. All ExeCom tutors endeavor towards these standards: 


- A correct entry level assessment, analysis of needs and definition of clear goals

- A course curriculum designed and based on corporate functional training needs.

- Tasks set in modern Business contexts/ Industry Specific contexts or modified for juniors.

- The use of media and technology, which keeps participants captivated.

- Especially for Executives: The incorporation of the latest Business terminology.

- Especially for Executives: Covering current topics in International Business, allowing your people, to be updated on the latest Business Trends in their Industries as well as using Business resources, which are drawn from the most respected Journals, such as: The Business Week, Fortune, The Economist etc.

- Providing practical skills that can be put to use immediately in the real world.

- Placing the “Individual” first. We understand the nature, culture and demands that are placed on today’s modern executive.

- Keeping your people current by bringing them up to date on the latest Information Applications and Communication Tools used by today’s most cutting edge businesses. (Web 2.0, blogs, widgets, wikis etc).