In this fast changing, relentlessly challenging Global Business Environment that runs with the speed of technology, the need for Communication Skills is more critical than ever. Business deals and negotiations are no longer conducted in only one language: English, German, Spanish and Chinese are only but a few of the languages that must be kept in the modern organization's arsenal, if multi-national co-operation is the goal.


Since its inauguration in 2006, Executive Communication has been offering high quality Business Communication Language Training and Services to executives from all over the world. Starting from its base in Athens, Greece, and extending to its sister company in New York, Execom has been committed to providing companies and individual customers with tailor-made language-learning programs for all ages and requirements. Be it a corporate situation like an executive relocation program, or a certificate like the GMAT and SAT, ExeCom can help people from different industries and with different needs.


Apart from language training, ExeCom specializes in executive business training as well: for those who need to brush up on their Sales Technique, Negotiation Skills, Time Management and other such services, ExeCom offeres a considerable variety of business seminars. Even for executives undergoing a career transformation or looking to maximize their performance in their current workplace, ExeCom offers Career Consultation services and Executive Coaching.


Finally, because we are aware that sometimes documents need to be rapidly translated and sent abroad, Executive Communication makes corporate machines run smoother by providing professional translation services: from large documents with industry-specific vocabulary, to CV translation and personal creative projects, ExeCom undertakes individual and business projects alike.


Simply browse our website and click on program links for additional details. For further queries, you can contact Executive Communication via email or phone at any time.