Where do we operate? In a word, Everywhere


Executive Communication is based in two main locations in Europe and the United States. The primary location is in Athens, Greece and the secondary location is in New York, USA. The main facilities are in Greece, as are the majority of the language and executive tutors.


Thankfully, modern information technology allows many of our programs to be available anywhere in the world. First of all, even if a client does not live in Greece or New York, it does not mean that we cannot offer tutoring services. Due to our long-standing relationships with companies and contacts in New York,  we have retained a network of associates in many other states in the USA and in the EU, as well as many countries in Eastern Europe. These assosiates  can be mobilized from abroad, so Execom can act as an agent to find  tutors for people all over the world.


Secondly, when a client has a very busy schedule and would benefit from increased flexibility in tutoring times, Execom can offer online Skype sessions. If an executive is looking for business coaching, but does not live near a Executive Communication center, Skype seminars can be just as effective as being there in the flesh. Virtually every service that Execom offers can be delivered online, including language lessons, executive services and translation commissions. 


All one has to do is contact the company via email or telephone, and the question of location and price can be negotiated on an individual basis.