Clear Goals, Clear Deadlines, Measurable Results

 Each program consists of 90 minute sessions recommended for 1 to 2 sessions a week.


Basic Business Pack

Recommended for those that have little or no English skills and need to create an effective foundation that can be applied immediately.math1

It includes the following skills:

  • Basic Grammar foundation
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Presenting your company
  • Detailed Job Description
  • Basic Business Situations
  • Requesting and Providing Information
  • Basic Information Technology Vocabulary


Intermediate Business Pack

Recommended for the executive that already has basic language skills and needs to incorporate more advanced business language

It includes the following skills:alg

  • Higher Business and Information Technology Vocabulary
  • Basic Presentations (including body language)
  • Describing Trends, Figures and Business Results
  • Expressing Opinions and handling disagreements.
  • Making and Accepting Offers
  • Business Writing

Advanced Business Pack 

Recommended for those that speak the language to a large degree but that want to take it to the next level by applying the language skills used at a professional level today.44347c2b5254b00d5b191227090ed9c3 1M.png

It includes the following skills:

  • Advanced Financial Vocabulary ranging from Basic Accounting to Sales.
  • How to prepare and deliver outstanding presentations
  • Negotiation and Persuasion skills
  • Proposals
  • Professional Email writing skills
  • Contracts and Reports