Even some of the strongest executives may be stumped when it comes to career transitions, massive changes of workplace, strategizing for a career tragectory, or planning a retirement fund. Perhaps you have been  transferred to represent your company in another country and are not sure whether this is the right choice for your future. Perhaps you feel that you have many entrepreneurial resources within, but are not sure how to powerstart a fledgling company. Perhaps you feel you don't quite "stand out" to your target employers, and you need to burnish your CV. Or perhaps you are wondering whether the career path you have chosen is  right for you at all! aplus11

Career Services in Executive Communication can help you with all the above, and even more. Services for career consultation can apply to college students, young adults and executives of all ages. The may include personal CV design and CV translation into other languages, coaching for interview sessions, and helping design personal statements for university and job applications alike. For executives, some aspects of Career Consultation may coincide with Executive Coaching, especially when it comes to issues of enhancing performance at work. Even so, Career Services is most helpful when offered on a personal basis, to allow for the maximum of customization to the client's needs. After all, one may find carreer "advice" everywhere; it is that special personal touch that Executive Communication offers, a career plan designed for your specific character and goals. As with all of ExeCom's Business Seminars, Career Services can be provided on site in Athens, Greece, or online for people who live in other parts of the world.