Executive Communication believes that you should be receiving the best services for your training budget. This being our primary driver we execute training programs that are efficient in time and money by delivering what modern executives need to do their jobs better in a globalized business environment without focusing on unnecessary language areas or attempting to drag on a language program through vague goals or deadlines.

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 We achieve this through the use of materials covering the latest in business training and trends as well as modern media such as audio and video. Each of these programs is reinforced by live exercises and does not burden the participant’s busy schedule through homework.

Areas Covered:

  • General Business English
  • Business Social Conversation Skills
  • Basic and Advanced Business Vocabulary, which incorporates all the latest Business trend words and phrases
  • Presentation Skills training with or without the use of media used by some of today’s most charismatic business leaders such as Steve Jobs of Apple Computers and John Chambers of Cisco Systems to name a few.
  • Commercial corresponding, writing memos, e-mails, reports etc.
  • Telephoning and Teleconferencing
  • Meetings and Negotiating