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At Executive Communication, we believe in measurable results. The first step toward ensuring that is to design a foolproof training methodology, which will be based on observable results and notable progress. The second step is to ensure that all our tutors abide to this basic training methodology, and to consistently develop and enhance their abilities as educators.


The most crucial element in delivering results is transperancy and honesty: For corporate clinets, Executive Communication details the entire training process by providing you with detailed reports, so your HR department can clearly see the value they get for their training budgets. For individual or junior clients, we offer detailed bi-annual progress reports. We also assure quality by measuring and monitoring our trainers’ performance through:


- Class observation 

- Trainer Evaluation 

- Continuing education and in-service training of our people 

- Constructive feedback

- Frequent updates on Language Teaching Methodology, relevant research and exchange of experience on a global level.


Class Observations

Class observations are frequent and with prior notification of both the trainer and the participants. We view this as not only a means for ensuring teacher commitment to the suggested methodologies and verifying adherence to participants’ objectives, but also as a tool for the professional development of our people.


Trainer Evaluation

We have developed a system of trainer evaluation from the participants through questionnaires and personal conduct. Furthermore, frequent, constructive feedback and close cooperation with the Director of Studies, as well as self evaluation and performance appraisal processes, guarantee top quality and continuous striving for excellence.


Training the Trainers

Our view is that knowledgeable professionals have higher needs for further education and development. We invest on this through:

Workshops and seminars on new methods and materials
Team-work and exchange of views and experience
Participation in local and international TEFL organizations and conferences